Our Jeep

Our Jeep!

This is our chosen tow vehicle, a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. A very comfortable and very capable vehicle.


The Trailhawk features a 3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel engine, with:

  • 184kW (240hp) of power at 3600 rpm, and,
  • 570Nm (420 ft-lb) of torque at 2000 rpm.

These figures make this an ideal tow vehicle for a larger van.

Air Suspension:

The Trailhawk also feature full air suspension, shown above in entry/exit mode, it offers:

  • Full time four corner automatic load levelling
  • Closed type air suspension design using Nitrogen, results in fast ride height changes
  • Ability to change ride height with the push of a button
  • Max ground clearance 10.7″
  • 4.1in (104mm) between lowest to highest settings
  • Park mode lowers vehicle for easier entry & exit (as pictured above)
  • Normal Ride Height (NRH) is 1.5in (38mm) higher than Park Mode
  • Automatically lowers 0.5in (12mm) at highway speeds (or Sports Mode) to reduce drag resulting in better fuel economy
  • Improved off-road performance by increasing ground clearance with 2 settings:
    • Off-Road I is 1.3in (33mm) higher than NRH
    • Off-Road II is 2.6in (66mm) higher than NRH
Same angle as the first picture, but in Off Road 2 mode.

Towing Capabilities, pretty good!

The Jeep is an often overlooked but very capable tow vehicle. It sits very comfortably on the road and has a true 3500kg towing capacity. The only downfall for us is the Trailhawk is the heaviest Tare of them all (with the air suspension, underbody bash plates etc) so it leaves only 609kg Payload, This has to include the Driver, Passengers, luggage, fuel (93L tank), accessories (including tow bar) and of course the Ball Weight. So a larger van with over 300kg ball weigh consumes half of that straight away. Add another 68kg for a full tank (tare includes 10L) and 40kg for the tow-bar and you are down to just over 201kg for people and luggage. Fortunately we are only lightweights and all gear is stored in the van. We have also moved things around to try and keep the ball weight around 270kg on a total van weight of about 3100kg (no water in tanks) – at this weight it tows very nicely.

The numbers:

  • Tare 2340kg
  • GVM 2949kg
  • GCM 6099
  • Maximum towing 3500kg
  • Maximum ball weight 350kg
  • Front axle limit 1452kg
  • Rear axle limit 1678kg

Jeep recommend using a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) when towing over 2268kg (5000lb) to assist with vehicle handling and rear axle load limits. We use the Andersen / Anderson WDH, I have covered that in a separate post.

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