Author: Dave


Packing up to go!

So you are almost ready to go, how do you make sure everything is remembered to be done, and what do you actually need to do? For the safety of all your gear, you need...

Grand Cherokee Air Suspension Calibration 2

Grand Cherokee Air Suspension Calibration

After recently replacing the elbow joiners for the front air suspension (leaking), I kept getting a Calibrate Air Suspension error and it was slow trying to raise and lower and would time out. This was...


Jeep Programming

Recently bought AlfaOBD for the Jeep so I could do some programming to fix a leak on the air suspension. It’s been brilliant.. For the suspension, I was able to transfer the gas from the...


Jeep Lights

Headlight globe replacement on a WK2 Grand Cherokee


Water Flow Meter

After updating the water pump and separating the water tanks (link to that blog post), we only had the one gauge and it was only on the front tank, so once switched to the second...



We have a cupboard that had odd sized shelving, as it was designed to be three pull out pantry units, however the original owners had it converted to 9 shelves. These shelves are only 220mm...