Grand Cherokee Air Suspension Calibration

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After recently replacing the elbow joiners for the front air suspension (leaking), I kept getting a Calibrate Air Suspension error and it was slow trying to raise and lower and would time out.

This was just before replacing the elbows, overnight the front dropped..

Once the leaking elbows were replaced, the error of Ride Height Calibration started showing up on the screen and in AlfaOBD

Found in AlfaOBD scan tool the suspension calibration section, but it required you to enter the Curb Height measurements for each corner of the vehicle. That had me stumped for a while as I could not find this info anywhere.

A few weeks later I finally found it… It’s simply the wheel centre to ground minus a cradle bolt to ground. Comes.out at around the 85 to 95mm mark. Once you have these, connect with AlfaOBD, jump onto the air suspension section, go to the Calibration section, start the calibration and enter these values in. This document will give you the method.for measuring.

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2 Responses

  1. John Crocombe says:

    When you replaced the leaking elbow joiners for the front air suspension, did you replace them with a brass fitting, or more plastic items?

    • Dave says:

      Hey John, I replaced them with plastic ones from eBay. I figured since it was the O-rings inside that seal against the tube leaking that the problem was not that they were plastic. I believe the rubber deteriorates from the dust and heat under the bonnet. The rears have the same fitting but rarely do you hear of any issues with them as they are inside the rear quarter panels, no heat and very little dust in comparison.

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