Meet the Bakers!

Hi everyone, we are Dave and Catherine and we are currently travelling around this amazing country we call home!

Digital Nomads Dave & Catherine

We are Digital Nomads, working while travelling around Australia with our Jeep Grand Cherokee and Essential Exceed caravan. We are both online Trainer/Assessors and work 3 days a week and explore for 4. We hit the road on 12th May 2021 and plan to go for around 3 years give or take.

This blog will be more about the technical aspects of the trip (car, caravan, upgrades, tips etc). All items installed or discussed are purchased by us at full retail with no kickbacks – these are my own personal and honest non-biased reviews and information. If ever a supplier does offer a special price for a review, the review will still be honest and it will be mentioned upfront. Where we do get good honest service from a supplier I will have no hesitation in mentioning and recommending them – again, no kickbacks or incentives.

For updates on where we are, what we are doing and some great photos, follow our Facebook or Instagram pages where the artistic Catherine updates regularly!

We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we do, Catherine and Dave.

About Dave (the author of this blog)

Dave is a self confessed Geek, no two ways about it. He grew up in a family of mechanics (Grand Father, Father and Brother) and was introduced to electronics, one of his Fathers hobbies, at a very young age. Keeping the family’s mechanical side, he did all his own repair work on his motor vehicles (and usually continues to do). He started off his working life studying Electronic Engineering as a public servant for the Royal Australian Navy, working at the HMAS Platypus base in Milsons Point Sydney (testing and repairing torpedo on-board guidance systems of all things).

He and his father together built their first computer in the early 80’s, a Microbee. And when we say built, we mean it arrived in kit form as a bag of circuit boards and electronic components with the assembly instructions from the February 1982 edition of Your Computer. Yep, he’s a first class Geek.

Times have changed since then, though his love for computers, electronics and mechanics has never wavered through a working life. Work roles included electronic repairs, communications installation and maintenance, IT installation/sales/service, Corporate Sales, Senior Management and now finally Training and Assessing. During a brief period of unemployment following a company collapse, he tried his hand at Drones – after all he had been building and flying remote control aircraft as a hobby since pre teens so should look into it (model aircraft being another of his Father’s hobbies). That soon turned into a job and now he writes the training and assessing material, plus trains and assesses for both the Certificate III Aviation Remote Pilot and the CASA Remote Pilots Licence.

Part of his RC Plane collection

His love for all things aviation was spurred on by his lovely wife who encouraged him to look further into flying. After meeting up with a friends father who turned out to be a Flight Instructor at Caboolture Recreational Aviation, he jumped at the opportunity and now has his Recreational Pilot Certificate and Passenger Endorsement. When he stays in one place long enough he plans to get his Cross Country (Navigation) endorsement too.

This is currently his favourite plane the Technam P92 Eaglet (and no – he didn’t buy it, just hired for a flight!).

Dave continues to tinker away with anything and everything, always wanting to know how or why something works. Many of his friends used to say if you want to understand something, Just Ask Dave – that ended up being his business name..

Snippet from the WA Day Drone Display!
Come around Australia with us!

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  1. Terry says:

    Are you on you tube??

    • Dave says:

      Hey Terry, no I haven’t bothered with youtube yet as a hosting medium for the trip – it takes long enough to sort through the photos and create posts, editing videos is a whole different ball game! Also as we work 3 days a week already on the computer, we would love to try and reduce to much extra screen time!

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