Rear Pole Carrier

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We had a heap of poles for the awning and awning extension in the front boot, both adding weight to the drawbar and taking up space. So a pole carrier was in order. Normally I would have just gone to a plumbing supply shop and made something up, but time was against me so I chose to go ready made. Picked up this one from ebay for $139 shipped, with all brackets.

This one was 2200mm, the longest one I could find and came with brackets, end caps and locking pin. I added a padlock to each locking pin for security. Next I painted it black to match the end of the van, in hind sight a wipe with metho wasn’t enough and i should have given it a light sand to assist with the paint sticking better!

Next to make it fit, our rear bar on the caravan is held in place by clamps. Simple loosen these off a little and slide the bumper out. I had to go about 100mm to get the space required to fit the tube. Bolt it in place and done.

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2 Responses

  1. Graeme says:

    Hi Dave
    We have a new Essential Tourer and I thought I’d follow your tip for the rear bumper mounted pole carrier.
    Unfortunately our bar not only doesn’t have any adjustment available, the bumper arms barely touch the front metal ‘joist’ they’re clamped to!
    That’s just another issue in a series of faults etc, very disapointed with our Essential.

    • Dave says:

      That’s a shame to hear Graeme. Ours has been great, though it’s also a very early build. I did hear someone else mention the same thing with the rear bar, they ended up extending the bar so they could slide it out. A lot more work, but might be worth it

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