Rear Pole Carrier

We had a heap of poles for the awning and awning extension in the front boot, both adding weight to the drawbar and taking up space. So a pole carrier was in order. Normally I would have just gone to a plumbing supply shop and made something up, but time was against me so I chose to go ready made. Picked up this one from ebay for $139 shipped, with all brackets.

This one was 2200mm, the longest one I could find and came with brackets, end caps and locking pin. I added a padlock to each locking pin for security. Next I painted it black to match the end of the van, in hind sight a wipe with metho wasn’t enough and i should have given it a light sand to assist with the paint sticking better!

Next to make it fit, our rear bar on the caravan is held in place by clamps. Simple loosen these off a little and slide the bumper out. I had to go about 100mm to get the space required to fit the tube. Bolt it in place and done.

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