Interior Spot Light fix

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We have interior reading and ambiance lights mounted on the wall Over recent travels one of them dropped it’s chrome ring and lens cover off due to the vibrations, but was easily screwed back on once we found the pieces!

Next trip however I went to turn on the light near the door and it wouldn’t work. The button felt a little loose and on closer inspection the white trim was also quite loose.

Expecting the worst I pulled it off – the white trim simply rotates to the side to expose one screw, then rotates to the other side to expose the other screw.

Once off the wall I could see inside that there was a single metal screw at the back of the button, and when touching the button I could see this screw was loose.

I simply popped the plastic cover off the back, did the screw back up, and the light is as good as new.

Update note: for those that don’t know it (I only learnt recently) if you tap the button once to turn on the moon shaped light, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off. If you press twice to turn on the bright light, press and hold to dim down, release then press and hold to brighten up again!

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