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Our Van

Our van is a 2017 Essential Exceed Series II from Essential Caravans. The van is 21 foot, model 6.1, with a Queen bed up the front, kitchen with full oven, 3 way 190L fridge, microwave,...


Our Jeep

This is our chosen tow vehicle, a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. A very comfortable and very capable vehicle. Engine: The Trailhawk features a 3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel engine, with: 184kW (240hp) of power...


Solar Panels – how many?

I see a lot of questions come up about how much solar do I need to charge my batteries? Whilst the general consensus is double you battery AH in Watts (so a 100AH battery ideally...



We have a cupboard that had odd sized shelving, as it was designed to be three pull out pantry units, however the original owners had it converted to 9 shelves. These shelves are only 220mm...


Towing speeds around Australia

So how fast are you allowed to tow a caravan around Australia? Firstly though, lets have a think about the maximum speed we should be towing at. Speed wobbles or sway in a caravan is...


Van wobble when parked

EDIT: Update at the end – 7th November 2022 OK, this is a post about reducing the wobble in the van when its parked and people are walking around inside, nothing going on, just moving...


e-Bikes – A year on

We have had our Momentum Transend eBikes for a year now (wow thats gone fast..) and thought we should do a quick review a year on. Are we still happy? Yes. That pretty much sums...


Caravan Awning and Annexe setup

Most vans these days have an awning attached to the side and are mostly fairly similar in design. Ours fitted to our Essential Caravan is a manual roll out style made by Aussie Traveller and...


Our Inverter

To run 240 volt equipment when free camping, an ‘inverter’ is required. These connect to your 12v battery supply and step it up to 240v AC to suit your home style electrical equipment. This can...