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Meet the Bakers!

Hi everyone, we are Dave and Catherine Baker and this is the story of our trip around this amazing country we call home! We are Digital Nomads, working while travelling around Australia with our Jeep...


Roof hatch reseal

A water leak! Time to reseal the hatch… After the first shake down trip we noticed a few drops of water below the main hatch and investigated further. On looking at the hatch from above...


Towing Mirrors vs Rear Camera?

Do you really need extended mirrors if you have a rear camera? Short answer – yes. Longer answer – YES YOU DO… There has been several comments of late on social media by people stating...


Tyre Pressures

To keep you van stable and tyres from exploding you need to have the right tyre pressures in you van tyres as well as your car tyres. The easiest way is to simply read the...


BBQ and Slide out tray

Being on the road full time for a few years we wanted to make sure things like cooking at the BBQ would be easy, so I invested in a slide-out tray from Australian Direct. I...


BOS 3 Rib Jockey Wheel

I was having problems with the original standard ALKO 8in Jockey Wheel, in it was getting stiff to turn. So I whipped it apart (punch out the roll pin in the handle) to clean it...


Internet and Communications

As we work 3 days a week online, we needed to have reliable communications and the best Internet connectivity we could afford. After some looking around, it was decided we had to bite the bullet...


Diesel Heater

Well with travelling south in the winter (something we swore we would never do) we decided a diesel heater would be a good option for the colder nights.. I looked around and with the size...


Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH)

Let me preface this post by saying a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) is not a solution for a poorly loaded caravan or a vehicle with sagging suspension. They are also not suitable for every situation,...