BBQ and Slide out tray

Being on the road full time for a few years we wanted to make sure things like cooking at the BBQ would be easy, so I invested in a slide-out tray from Australian Direct. I chose the Kickass 125kg slide with an inbuilt table – link here. After looking around at a few of the cheaper ones (Kings) I was not satisfied with how long they would last.

Kickass 125kg Fridge / BBQ slide with tray

Mounting this in the tunnel boot looked like it was going to be a mission, so the first idea was to remove the slide from the base so I could work on it easier. The made a huge difference! The slide came with bolts and nutserts, but I preferred to use stainless steel screws that didn’t quite penetrate through the 16mm flooring. So I used 18mm long screws, a washer on top, through the steel frame, predrilled a hole in the galvanized sheeting, and screwed it down with 12 screws – it’s not going anywhere!

You will notice it’s not mounted in the middle, I purposely mounted it as far forward as it would go. This allows the anti-flap bars from the awning to sit beside it.

Installing the base for the slide-out

Once that was completed it was a simple case of sitting the BBQ on the tray and securing it for travel. The tray came with two straps to hold a fridge down so I just used those.

Originally I had a Weber single burner, but they are just too high to slide in unless you remove the lid or cut down the legs, neither idea thrilled me, so I updated it to a Ziggy. After using the Ziggy for 6 months, a lot of the time trying to use pots or fry pans, it just wasn’t working for us either. So I looked around and found the Sizzler Deluxe. These are an all-stainless steel BBQ, made in Australia (in the Newcastle area), and are the only portable one (that I am aware of) that has the Flame-Out Detection. Comes standard with a 3mm thick stainless steel hotplate, we opted for the hotplate mesh too so it could be used for pots and pans (works well too). These are also dual burners and put out over double the heat of the Weber and Ziggy (Weber – 8,500 BTU, Ziggy – 9,993 BTU, Sizzler – 20,000 BTU). They also offer a 3mm thick stainless steel baking tray that sits in the back half of the cooking area so you have the front burner on only (no direct flames to the baking dish). We didn’t get that as we rarely bake.

Flame Out Detection:

Let’s take a slight detour and look at what this means. Back around 2016 (or probably earlier), the rules for gas installations changed, this included Caravans. However, only recently in the 2021 update to the regulations did they reword it so everyone started to take notice! The bottom line is any fixed appliance to the caravan must have flame-out detection which then shuts off the gas supply.

So what is a fixed installation? Anything mounted to the caravan AND/OR connected to a fixed gas line on the caravan. So this means that a BBQ on a slide-out connected to the gas bayonet fitting is now considered a fixed installation. Likewise, a BBQ attached to the slide-out but connected to a separate gas bottle is also an ‘installation’. However, if you have the BBQ sitting on a free-standing table beside the caravan and connected to a free-standing gas bottle, then no problems.

Once I had the Sizzler set up, I picked up a green chopping board you can just see underneath it, marked out where the feet were then cut out holes for the feet. I then bolted the board to the tray so the BBQ can’t slide around but can simply be lifted out if you want to use it separately. For travel, I used the fridge tie-down strap and added a square U bolt to the tray behind the BBQ.

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5 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Dave.Have purchased the same fridge slide but wondering how you removed the slide from the base for fitting? Thanks. Kim

    • Dave says:

      Hey Kim, slide the tray out and along the side of the black tray are 3 screws and nuts on the edge of each side. The furthest back screw you have to access through a hole in the slide mechanism, can’t remember if it’s all the way out or you have to slide in a bit to line up the hole with the screw. Made it so much easier.

      Hope that helps!

      Cheers, Dave.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks Dave, it is off. Now getting in for drilling. Bit like working in a coffin!!

  3. Indie says:

    We have a Ziggy bbq on one of your slides on a brand new caravan. Is the distance from where the Ziggy sits far enough away from the van wall when using the bbq or should I be using some sort of heat shield please.

    • Dave says:

      Hey Indie, I had no problems at all with the BBQ being too close to the van. From memory they say it should be about 25cm away from flammable materials, however the side wall of the van is not exactly flammable. Anyway, it was plenty far and did not warm up the side of the van at all. Hope that helps!

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