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We have a cupboard that had odd sized shelving, as it was designed to be three pull out pantry units, however the original owners had it converted to 9 shelves. These shelves are only 220mm wide, 170mm high and 600mm deep! Almost impossible to reach the back of and fairly useless to put things in as you could never see what was behind he first thing.

Looked around and couldn’t find anything in stores to fit easily, so I thought I would try my hand at making some drawers to make best use of the space. I deliberated for a while on what material would be best – as in strong but light, and decided in the end to try some 3mm core flute (the material signs are made from, looks a bit like a plastic version of the cardboard used in a cardboard box). Picked up a few sheets from Bunnings, 910mm wide by 1200mm long.

Measured it up, drew it out, cut out with a sharp knife, folded up with double sided tape to hold together, cut a notch out to use as a handle and to add extra reinforcing and job done.

19 months later, draws still working perfectly and store quite a bit of clothing (the majority of our clothing to be exact) and still the same condition as the day they were made. One note – the ‘grain’ of the core flute is lengthwise to give as much strength as possible.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

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