Where are we?

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We left home at 9:30am, 12 May 2021, the counter in the menu bar is keeping a tally of how long we have been travelling for!

We have been making use of WikiCamps for trip planning. The embedded map below may not work for everyone and is set to display on a desktop monitor, so here is a link to it as well that will work on mobile devices – AndAroundWeGo

This is a Google map version I was playing with too, also covering the locations we have been, its a live map and I update it as we go. Its broken into colours (described below) to help work out different directions! Zoom in for more info or click on an icon for where we stayed.

If you click the ‘menu’ square in the top left corner of the map you can turn on the ‘drives’ sections to see where we went too.

Clicking the ‘full screen’ square in the top right of the map will open it in a new tab full screen to see the map easier.

Our colour legend is below the map.

Zoom in and out for more information

Currently the colour code represents:

Black – start/end of a section (or where we stopped for more than a couple of weeks)
Light Grey – dropped in to visit but not an overnight stay
Dark Green – first trip north from Sunshine Coast to Cairns
Orange – Cairns back down to Bowen
Blue – Airlie Beach to Sunshine Coast
Light Green – Sunshine Coast to Melbourne
Purple – Melbourne to Darwin??
To be continued!

A question mark is we have booked but not yet arrived

Any questions feel free to give us a shout!

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